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What is a Bridal Makeover?

Are you a bride-to-be? Cosmetic Dental Studios Beverly Hills can perform one or a series of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to improve the appearance of your smile. Also known as a smile makeover, our bridal makeover in LA can help you feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day. We can fix cracks and chips, straighten crooked teeth, and replace loose metal fillings with tooth-colored composites.

A smile makeover by Dr. Victoria Veytsman can make your teeth more aesthetically appealing and easier to maintain. We might include different treatments and techniques like dental implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, orthodontic services, or teeth whitening. To learn more about our popular smile makeover procedures, contact our Beverly Hills, CA, facility and schedule a bridal consultation today.

How is a Bridal Makeover Performed?

During your bridal consultation at our Beverly Hills, CA facility, Dr. Veytsman can perform an exam and recommend procedures based on your cosmetic dental goals. Using advanced imaging technology, Dr. Veytsman can even show you the possible outcomes of different treatments. Once your personalized plan has been created, our skilled dental team will work with you to schedule all the required appointments. We work hard to make sure you have the perfect smile before your wedding day. 

What is the Recovery Process After a Bridal Makeover?

After your dental procedures are performed, our knowledgeable team can review what to expect during recovery, including the necessary aftercare requirements. Additionally, Dr. Veytsman may schedule follow-up sessions to make sure your treatment is effective and long-lasting. It's essential to follow our guidelines and attend all appointments in addition to taking care of your teeth and gums at home. These will preserve and maintain your new smile far beyond your wedding day!

Bridal Makeover FAQs

How much does a bridal makeover cost?

In most instances, cosmetic dental treatments are not fully covered by dental insurance. During a consultation, Dr. Veytsman and her team can formulate a procedure plan that meets your needs and budget. Additionally, we can discuss low-interest financing options to make your treatments as affordable as possible. 

How soon before my wedding should I schedule a bridal makeover?

Each bridal makeover is completely tailored to the individual bride, which means the answer varies based on your specific needs. During your initial assessment, we can give you an in-depth walkthrough of each procedure and how long it takes to fully recover. Then we can plan accordingly.

Will a bridal makeover be covered by my dental insurance?

Because bridal makeovers typically include cosmetic procedures, treatments are unlikely to be covered by your current dental insurance. However, each treatment is custom-made for you, so it's always important to check with your insurance provider to see how much might be covered.

A Beautiful Smile For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and at Cosmetic Dental Studios Beverly Hills, we are dedicated to helping you feel as gorgeous as possible on that special day. Dr. Victoria Veytsman and her team in Los Angeles County will work with you to create a bridal makeover treatment plan specifically for you. Contact our Beverly Hills, CA facility to learn more and to schedule your first appointment. 

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